Substance Abuse Treatment

If you or a loved one are struggling with drug or alcohol use, we are here to help. No matter the circumstances that led you here, our groups are designed to give you the support you need to make positive changes and improve your quality of life. It is our goal to help you acquire the coping skills, resources, and strengths needed to gain control of your life.

In addition to the weekly groups outlined below, our therapists are available to meet with you one-on-one for weekly individual therapy. Individual therapy is offered as an adjunct to group therapy, or as a standalone treatment. We also encourage family members and/or significant others to partake during your recovery process so that you can enlist their support and strengthen important relationships.

At Comprehensive Therapeutic Services, we strive to provide individualized and tailored services based on your personal needs. Our goal is to provide exemplary treatment that responds to your unique needs and preferences. For those seeking a substance-free life, we offer weekly groups that promote complete abstinence. Alternatively, if you are unsure about what steps to take in your treatment or are not altogether ready to embrace abstinence, we offer a weekly Harm Reduction group at our Midtown location, an ideal time and place for working professionals in the area.

No matter your goals around substance use, we can offer support and are available to help. Please read below to learn more about the groups that we offer.

Abstinence Based Treatment

Our Abstinence Groups are held once weekly and are designed to help you achieve a substance-free lifestyle. Group therapy offers a safe and confidential space to express your feelings and receive support amongst group members with the shared goal of achieving abstinence. All Abstinence Groups address the following topics and concerns:

  • Understanding the signs, symptoms, and consequences of addiction

  • Learning about the five stages of change model

  • Identifying and managing triggers

  • Developing healthy coping skills that promote abstinence

  • Learning assertive communication that promotes conflict resolution and self-care

  • Healing relationships that may have been impacted by addiction

  • Strengthening connections with outside supports (e.g. NA, AA, family members, friends)

  • Replacing substance use with healthy activities that support sobriety

  • Developing contingency plans for handling stressful situations

  • Implementing relapse prevention strategies for situations with a high-risk for relapse

  • Implementing a plan that supports long-term change and recovery

Harm Reduction Treatment

Our 60-minute Harm Reduction Group is held at 12:00pm every Friday at our Grand Central location and is ideal for working professionals in the area who are able to take advantage of the lunch hour. Harm reduction is a set of strategies aimed to reduce the negative consequences associated with drug and alcohol use without requiring abstinence. Our Harm Reduction Group addresses the following topics and concerns:

  • Understanding the signs, symptoms, and consequences of addiction

  • Learning about the five stages of change model

  • Clarifying problematic aspects of substance use and setting specific goals concerning drug or alcohol use

  • Learning how to minimize the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol

  • Identifying, managing, and resolving triggers associated with problematic substance use

  • Working with cravings and integrating mindfulness skills to increase self-regulation and self-awareness

  • Improving the ability to cope with stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions

  • Replacing substance use with healthy activities that support decreased use

  • Developing contingency plans for handling stressful situations

  • Implementing a plan that supports long-term positive change

Drug & Alcohol Testing

We offer random drug testing as part of our substance abuse program to ensure the success of our clients working toward recovery. Drug and alcohol testing allow our clinicians to detect potential substance abuse problems to formulate the right treatment plan for you. Your safety and sobriety are our priorities. During treatment, we offer drug and alcohol testing through local facilities to be administered at random intervals so that our therapists can ensure that treatment is successful. In the event that drugs or alcohol is detected, our clients and therapists can work together to better understand resolve obstacles to sobriety.


To screen for alcohol, we use Soberlink, a cutting-edge device that allows for remote testing using a professional grade wireless breathalyzer and secure facial recognition technology. Soberlink is seamless and accessible, allowing for a customizable schedule, supplemented by text message reminders. In addition to use in substance abuse treatment, Soberlink is a reliable solution for criminal justice and family law. 

We encourage referrals from Family Court, Supreme Court, and Criminal Court, and aim to make our services accessible and engaging for court-mandated clients.