Substance Abuse Treatment

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, or simply finding that your drug or alcohol use leads to undesirable consequences, we are here to help. Whether you are voluntarily seeking treatment, or mandated by court, we have groups to give you the support you need to heal and recover. Our dedicated substance abuse therapists offer various groups in order to accommodate both your treatment needs and your schedule, and we offer groups in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings. It is our goal to help you acquire the skills, resources, and abilities necessary to regain personal control so that your life once again feels rewarding and fulfilling. In addition to the groups listed below, our therapists are available to meet with you for individual therapy. We also encourage couples and family therapy during your recovery process so that we can enlist the support of your family and help the heal and restore your relationships. At CTS, we recognize the importance of responding diligently to unique needs and circumstances, and as such we aim to provide individualized services based on the uniqueness of your situation, such as the severity of your addiction, demanding work schedules, and readiness to embrace long-term recovery. We understand that not every person entering treatment requires intensive services, and our goal is to provide exemplary treatment plans dedicated to your individual needs and preferences. Please continue reading to learn more about the substance abuse treatment groups that we offer.

Early Recovery

Our Early Recovery program is designed to meet the needs of individuals struggling with addiction by offering 90-minute groups twice per week. In Early Recovery, our compassionate clinicians are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals related to substance use. Among other benefits, group therapy offers additional support, a way to find your voice, and the chance to relate to others in a healthy way. While sessions will vary depending on the needs of group members, all Early Recovery groups focus on the following topics:

  • Understanding the signs  and symptoms of substance use disorders

  • Understanding the biological, social, and psychological consequences of addiction

  • Examining the impact of addiction on important relationships

  • Healing family relationships that may have been impacted by addiction

  • Identifying triggers that prompt cravings and urges

  • Developing effective skills to manage triggers, cravings, and urges

  • Learning healthy communication, such as asking for help, setting boundaries, and expressing feelings

  • Improving self-awareness, and learning to cope effectively with painful emotions

  • Implementing recovery skills such as mindfulness, emotion regulation, and distress tolerance

  • Identifying and connecting with outside supports

  • Replacing substance use with healthy activities that increase happiness and support sobriety.

Early Recovery for Professionals 

For those with demanding work schedules, we understand.  Our Early Recovery for Professionals groups, hosted twice each week, offer early morning and evening hours to accommodate your needs.

Relapse Prevention

Our Relapse Prevention groups, hosted for 90 minutes once per week, are designed as for individuals who have made progress in Early Recovery and are ready for more independence, without compromising ongoing therapeutic support.  While sessions will vary depending on the needs of group members, all Early Recovery groups focus on the following topics:

  • Strengthen coping strategies that promote abstinence/reduced substance use;

  • Strengthen healthy relationships;

  • Maintain participation with outside supports (e.g. NA, AA, SMART Recovery);

  • Recognize trigger cues, handle cravings;

  • Develop contingency plans for handling stressful situations;

  • Implement relapse prevention strategies for situations with a high-risk for relapse

  • Prevent or reduce the frequency and severity of relapse;

  • Understand the difference between a lapse and a relapse;

  • Develop a relapse prevention plan;

  • Implementing a plan to engender long-term positive change and recovery.

DBT Skills Group

Our DBT skills group, hosted once weekly, teaches individuals how to effectively: utilize mindfulness,  interact with others and manage relationships/conflict, control and regulate emotions, and cope with distress. Additionally, our clinicians will teach you DBT skills specifically targeted to manage your addiction.

Drug Testing

We offer random drug testing as part of our substance abuse program to ensure the success of our clients working toward recovery.  Drug and alcohol testing allow our clinicians to detect potential substance abuse problems to formulate the right treatment plan for you. Your safety and sobriety are our priorities.  During treatment, we offer drug and alcohol testing through local facilities to be administered at random intervals so that our therapists can ensure that treatment is successful.  In the event that drugs or alcohol is detected, our clients and therapists can work together to better understand resolve obstacles to sobriety.

To screen for alcohol, we use Soberlink, a cutting-edge device that allows for remote testing using a professional grade wireless breathalyzer and secure facial recognition technology. Soberlink is seamless and accessible, allowing for a customizable schedule, supplemented by text message reminders. In addition to use in substance abuse treatment, Soberlink is a reliable solution for criminal justice and family law. 

We encourage referrals from Family Court, Supreme Court, and Criminal Court, and aim to make our services accessible and engaging for court-mandated clients.