The CTS Anger Management 10-week program is offered by qualified therapists to help individuals move toward healthy management of angry feelings. Our groups provide a supportive platform where clients can learn to release emotions in healthy and constructive ways. Anger management helps to reduce and control angry feelings, and our clinicians are prepared to address specific types of anger problems. We specialize in treating court-ordered individuals, and we welcome all referrals. Although we offer a ten-week program, our clinicians are happy to accommodate unique circumstances. Anger Management topics include:

  • Learning to manage the intensity of your anger

  • Relaxation training

  • Identifying circumstances and situations that lead to anger

  • Gaining awareness of triggers, thoughts, and emotions

  • Exploring the causes and consequences of anger expression patterns

  • Implementing calming and coping strategies to manage anger

  • Replacing anger-inducing self-talk with positive internal dialogue

  • Learning and implementing assertive communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution

  • Learning new responses to anger that do not include aggression

  • Improving awareness of emotions and how they are experienced internally

  • Developing a plan to constructively address situations and stressors that trigger anger

  • Improving impulse-control and self-awareness.


We proudly serve the entire NYC metro area. Call us at (212)-658-0977 to learn more about anger management or to schedule an appointment. Our licensed practitioners are standing by to listen. All calls are kept strictly confidential.