We believe healthy parents promote healthy children. At Comprehensive Therapeutic Services, we recognize both the rewards and challenges of parenting, and view parenting as a life skill that benefits from ongoing reflection, education and support. Your parenting skills and style are directly impacted by how you were parented, your unique family dynamics and structure, and your individual parenting values and philosophies. CTS offers NYS certified parent education and support programs to assist help you in the ever evolving process of raising children.  


Parents In Transition program is designed to assist parents regarding issues related to custody, separation, and divorce.


Art of Parenting Program incorporates elements from Parenting Journey, a parenting-based curriculum, which is Family Court/ACS approved.

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Healing Through Your Divorce group, each session will offer practical help and therapeutic support coping with the trauma of divorce


Parallel Parenting Facilitation

In cases of high conflict, family violence or other circumstances that prevent parents from effectively and safely communicating directly related to parenting values and decisions, CTS’ skilled clinicians are available to provide Parallel Parenting Facilitation. This model utilizes the clinician as the conduit of information and allows the parents in conflict to disengage from each other and minimize their direct communication around difficult topics. When emotions are high, real time and in person communication may not always effectively resolve the issue in question. In addition to in-person sessions with parents individually, CTS utilizes tools such as Our Family Wizard to help parents establish protocols and parameters around their communication, allowing parents to individually focus on their children free from the distractions and stress associated with high conflict separation.

Co-Parenting Facilitation

Some parents have a shared goal of collaboration and communication, but struggle in problem solving and establishing effective methods for this in the process or aftermath of their separation. CTS’ clinicians are available to provide Co-Parenting Facilitation to support and assist parents as they work together to raise children between two homes free from parental conflict. Through in-person meetings, email correspondence, and phone consultations, CTS therapists are able to facilitate and guide parents in establishing and implementing parenting plans that promote positive parental communication and decision making. 

Parenting Coordination

Like Parallel and Co-Parenting Facilitation, CTS’ Parenting Coordinators work with separated or separating parents towards the goal of effective collaboration, limiting the children’s exposure to conflict and promoting a child’s positive relationship with each parent. Through mediation, CTS’ Parenting Coordinators serve as a neutral third party to assist parents in resolving disputes and conflict outside of Court. Often, the Parenting Coordinator is entrusted to make recommendations to parents or the Court related to the parental disputes.In working with the family or in formulating recommendations, CTS’ Parenting Coordinators can consult with attorneys for the parties, therapists and other collateral contacts such as school staff and medical providers.