Zak anolic    Psychotherapist

Zak anolic



Zak Anolic

Psychotherapist, LCSW

Zak is a graduate from Yeshiva University Wurzweiler School of Social Work. He began his social work career working for children in foster care and he developed clinical expertise working with children and young adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, physical abuse, and domestic violence. Zak is passionate about helping individuals work through and heal from trauma, and he has received widespread accolades for his presentations on Male Sexual Abuse. Zak has also presented on the use of Animal Therapy, and over the years he has facilitated numerous trainings on Housing Law and Homelessness. Zak is an eclectic therapist who utilizes various approaches with his clients. He specializes in Trauma-Focused Treatment and works compassionately with clients to assist them working through trauma. Additionally, Zak has extensive knowledge and experience working with LGBTQ+ identified individuals, non-monogamous couples, abuse and domestic violence survivors, and children in foster care. Zak enjoys working with children, adults, and couples who are looking to focus on relationship issues, intimacy issues, sexuality, and trauma.