Men Moving Forward Program

Offered in 26-week or 13-week cycles.

A certificate of completion can be provided at the end of the program.

Group Sessions take place at our Brooklyn & Bronx locations on:

Brooklyn: Saturdays 10:15-11:30am

Bronx: Thursdays 6:15-7:30pm

👇🏽Registration is required

Domestic Abuse & Batterers’ Intervention

The CTS Batterers’ Intervention Program, Men Moving Forward, is offered as an educational group experience designed to resolve male issues of domestic abuse, power, and control within intimate relationships. Our qualified clinicians are dedicated to supporting men who have been identified as exhibiting abusive and/or violent behaviors through mandated sources, such as Family and Integrated Domestic Violence Courts, and also through self-referral and non-mandated referral sources. As Comprehensive Family Services has successfully provided forensic services to the Courts over the past twenty years, CTS is held to the same high standard, and our Clinical team is prepared to collaborate regularly with judges, attorneys, and other critical collaterals. Our seasoned Clinicians at CTS look forward to working with the Courts, honoring our time-held commitment to reporting to the Courts with accountability, reliability, honesty, and objectivity.  

Men Moving Forward is primarily a psycho-educational program, with insight-oriented and supportive facilitation led by two clinicians with expertise in this subject area. This 26-week program group meets for one hour each week, and the 13-week program group meets for two hours each week. Our clinicians are also able to accommodate providing this curriculum one-on-one with clients, in individual format. This program aims to educate clients about the cycle of power and control and teach alternative behaviors that promote responsibility, accountability, and respect. The goal of Men Moving Forward is to teach and reinforce pro-social and healthy patterns of thought, communication, and behavior.  We welcome referrals from the Courts, Administration for Children’s Services, and clients on Probation or Parole. The curriculum will set limits, hold each participant accountable, teach self-awareness, and communicate with legal sources as applicable. Participants in this program will:

  • Learning healthy ways to engage with your parent non-violently;

  • Understanding the themes, origins, and patterns of power and control;

  • Understanding the connections between violence, sex, and coercion;

  • Learning to reduce non-threatening behavior and increase assertive communication;

  • Mastering the skills of support, trust, accountability, sexual respect, and honesty;

  • Learning the skills of negotiation, fairness, and understanding;

  • Understanding obstacles to healthy behaviors, such as jealousy and control;

  • Improving healthy relationships by learning skills to respect boundaries;

  • Learning effective problem-solving and conflict-resolution;

  • Developing healthy thought patterns and pro-social behaviors;

  • Resolving obstacles to mutual partnerships.

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