Court Mandated Substance Abuse Treatment

Comprehensive Therapeutic Services’ Substance Abuse Treatment Program provides effective, individualized, client-centered treatment and serves a wide range of clients. We work closely with the Criminal and Family Court systems of New York City and welcome Court referrals. Our clinicians are prepared to work with court-referred clients and their collaterals to fulfill the parameters of their treatment mandates. We see the full potential in each client and strive to help each and every individual achieve long-term recovery. Our clinicians hold all clients to a high level of accountability. At the start of treatment, we ask that clients sign HIPAA releases so we may collaborate with attorneys and report to judges to provide regular reports on attendance, drug and alcohol test results, and treatment progress.

Our substance abuse treatment program consists of three distinct pillars to help clients in their recovery: weekly individual therapy, random Drug And Alcohol Testing, and weekly group therapy. Treatment includes education, support, and skills building, and adheres to an abstinence-based philosophy in order to help our clients achieve and maintain sobriety. 

We begin with an in-depth assessment to determine the appropriate level of care. All clients will be assigned to a therapist, who will identify treatment needs and provide weekly individual and group therapy. Our program relies on the principle that recovery is achieved through sobriety, and the treatment provided during both individual and group treatment supports abstinence-based recovery.

 The treatment curriculum offered in both group and individual therapy covers a wide range of topics, and clients will:

  • Understand the signs, symptoms, and impact of addiction, including barriers to recovery

  • Learn about the different stages of change and how to achieve positive change through recovery

  • Identify self-defeating behaviors, high risk situations, and personal triggers that threaten sobriety

  • Develop tools and coping skills to manage cravings, support sobriety, and prevent relapse

  • Take ownership and accountability of personal choices and behaviors

  • Learn assertive and effective communication

  • Learn to refuse substance use

  • Understand the need for sober support and strengthen connections with support systems

  • Replace substance use with healthy activities that support abstinence

  • Implement a plan that supports long-term change and sobriety

  • Develop ways to enjoy a sober life

Drug & Alcohol Testing

We offer random drug testing as part of our substance abuse program to ensure the success of our clients working toward recovery. Drug and alcohol testing allow our clinicians to detect potential substance abuse problems to formulate the right treatment plan for you. Your safety and sobriety are our priorities. During treatment, we offer drug and alcohol testing through local facilities to be administered at random intervals so that our therapists can ensure that treatment is successful. In the event that drugs or alcohol is detected, our clients and therapists can work together to better understand resolve obstacles to sobriety.


To screen for alcohol, we use Soberlink, a cutting-edge device that allows for remote testing using a professional grade wireless breathalyzer and secure facial recognition technology. Soberlink is seamless and accessible, allowing for a customizable schedule, supplemented by text message reminders. In addition to use in substance abuse treatment, Soberlink is a reliable solution for criminal justice and family law. 

We encourage referrals from Family Court, Supreme Court, and Criminal Court, and aim to make our services accessible and engaging for court-mandated clients.