Couples Therapy

Couples therapy (or more broadly, relationship counseling) can prove helpful when you and your partner are unable to resolve disputes, arguments, or any patterns that cause distress or conflict. Common reasons that couples seek therapy includes issues involving conflict, poor communication, divorce, blended family complications, parenting issues, sexual issues, anger problems, substance abuse, dependency, infidelity, financial problems, adoption, and other sources of stress that place significant strain on the relationship. 

Our practitioners will work to understand your relationship dynamics in order to build upon your strengths and address challenges. Whether you need a mediator, coach, or guide, our therapists can help you and your partner work to achieve strong communication, mutual respect, empathy, and intimacy. 

We will start with an assessment and then work together to develop an individualized treatment plan that addresses the needs of you and your partner. In the event that you and your partner are undergoing separation or divorce, we are here to help you successfully navigate difficult terrain. We specialize in couples counseling that focuses on divorce, separation, second marriages, adoption, blended families, same-sex relationships, and mixed-race relationships.

We proudly serve the entire NYC metro area. Call us at (212)-658-0977 to learn more about couples therapy or to schedule an appointment. Our licensed practitioners are standing by to listen. All calls are kept strictly confidential.