The Art of Parenting program is offered in our Bronx and Manhattan locations. Upon completion of the program, a certificate can be provided.

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Art of Parenting

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Being a parent can at times be challenging and stressful, and our qualified clinicians can help teach how to protect, teach, and encourage children; set limits; problem-solve; cope with stress; and communicate effectively. These skills are aimed to address the needs of families struggling with substance use, high conflict, or family violence.

Our Art of Parenting program also focuses on helping individuals examine their childhoods and the impact on parenting abilities. The program incorporates elements from Parenting Journey, a parenting-based curriculum, which is Family Court/ACS approved, and we welcome ACS referrals. We tailor the program to each individual parent and offer it over the course of 10 weeks. Since no two parents are alike, it is important that we help each parent that comes to us to develop their own parenting style, strategies, and skills that will strengthen the family unit and enhance good parenting behavior. In addition to group classes, our qualified clinicians offer private sessions.

While each parenting program varies depending on needs, all parenting programs teach how to co-parent amicably; how to reduce conflict; how to build effective communication skills; and how to reduce stress.